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Frequently Asked QUestions




Q: How is the SneakPeek Singapore walking tour different from other pay-as-you-wish (free) walking tours?

We at SneakPeek Singapore provide an intimate experience of an authentic Singapore, while efficiently giving you a comprehensive overview of this fascinating country, rather than just one destination or theme. It is suitable not only for tourists and travelers, but long-term residents and Singaporeans as well!


Q: I don't see the date I want.

A tour date will not be listed if:

(1) It is not on a Saturday, Monday or Wednesday;

(2) The tour is not being conducted on that Saturday, Monday or Wednesday;

(2) It is more than 1 month away. Tour dates will only be confirmed and released for registration around 1 month in advance.

Q: Can I register for a tour that is already full?

Yes, but you will be placed on the wait list. Should existing participants withdraw from the tour, we will inform you about the freed up slots by 11pm the day before the tour. Alternatively, you can also just show up at the meeting point and try your luck, but we apologize that we would not be able to bring you on the tour should the number of guests exceed the set maximum.

Q: Why do I need to register?

As we like our tour to be intimate, registration allows us to cap the number of guests who show up for each session.

Q: I registered more than 12 hours ago but have yet to receive a confirmation email.

Send us an email for clarification.


Q: How much does the tour cost?

As with other pay-as-you-wish (free) walking tours, ours run on a tipping basis as well. There is a recommended minimum tip of $22 per person, which includes all food and snacks during the tour, but excludes drinks and the viewing deck ticket ($6, optional, weather permitting).This helps us sustain the tours, while still allowing budget travelers to join in without breaking the bank! 

Q: Do I need to pay for anything else?

There is a $6 ticket fee for entry to the viewing deck at the end of the journey (optional, weather permitting). Food and snacks will be provided by the guide, but drinks and additional snacks are not covered.


Q: Why is your tour so long compared to other pay-as-you-wish (free) tours?

Here at SneakPeek Singapore, we aim to give you a comprehensive overview of Singapore's history, culture, and contemporary issues, through interaction and the engagement of your five senses. This takes time but we believe it is worth it! This can be particularly helpful if it's your first time in Singapore, or you have been living here for some time now and would like to draw connections between your knowledge and experiences here!

Q: Where do we go on this tour?

Asian Civilisations Musuem > Singapore River > Wak Hai Cheng Bio Temple > Chinatown > Thian Hock Keng Temple > Club St > Maxwell Food Centre > Singapore City Gallery > Tanjong Pagar > Pinnacle@Duxton > Outram Park MRT Station.

Q: Can I leave the tour halfway?

Yes, guests are not obliged to stay the whole way. If you need to leave for somewhere else during the journey, or if you don't feel comfortable walking for such a distance, feel free to leave at any point in time. Just make sure to inform the guide so we don't frantically go looking around for you!

Q: Is the route stroller-friendly?

Unfortunately, our tour route is not stroller-friendly, as there are approximately five floors worth of steps up and down along the route. That said, most steps have a ramp/slope alternative that can replace the steps, although that requires small detours along the way.

Q: Walking for 5 hours sounds very long. Will we be taking breaks along the way?

Yes, we have four rest stops with seating, spaced out along the route, to allow you to rest your legs and recharge for the next leg of the walk. Some commentary stops also have some form of seating (eg. benches, parapet, planter boxes) should you require them.

Q: Will we get to try some food?

You're in Singapore, of course there is going to be food and drinks! On this journey, you will have the opportunity to try various famous and quirky local snacks and delights (approximately 8 different types), both provided by the guide, and recommended by the guide for purchase.

Q: What if I have certain dietary requirements?

Do inform us in the registration form, or at the start of the walk, so we can better cater to your needs.


Q: The weather is bad. Will the tour still be conducted?

Our tour will continue to run, rain haze or shine. Just meet at the meeting point as per normal, and we'll see how the weather goes from there. Ponchos are also provided free of charge, should there be a need for them. However, should it be raining, we might not be able to make it to the top of the viewing deck at the end of the tour.

Q: How do I get to the meeting point?

Click here to find out how!

Q: Where do we end the tour?

The tour ends at Outram Park MRT station.


Q: I have registered for the tour but now I can't make it.

Do email us or give us a call (our number will be provided in the confirmation email), so your slots can be given to other guests on the wait list.



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