[Hiking tour to explore the hidden abandoned ruins of Mt Faber]

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Ruins Exploration 


  • See vestiges of Singapore's past - learn more about colonial-era edifices like St. James Power Station and humble century-old Malay graves  that dot the area

  • Duck-walk your way into the damp and dark Seah Im Bunker

  • Dip your legs into the recently-rediscovered Keppel Hill Reservoir, which disappeared off the maps for more than 50 years

  • Search for a Japanese tomb halfway up the hill and learn about its intriguing past 

  • Learn more about the stately black and white bungalows

  • Hike up Mount Faber on an unmarked trail for a wild experience! 

  • Savour the awesome views at the top of Mount Faber 


  • This is an adventurous route that may require the use of hands to climb up and down steep slopes.

  • This route is suitable for children aged 7 years old and above, if accompanied by at least one adult.


Start: Harbourfront MRT 

End: Mount Faber Peak 

Approximately 2 km of walking/climbling


Start time: Anytime from 7am to 3:30pm

Duration: ~2hrs

Check here for available dates


S$175 for group of 5 (i.e. $35/pax) - same price for smaller groups 

S$25/pax for each subsequent participant up to 10 participants


  • STB-licensed English-speaking guide

  • Snacks along the way

  • Gloves (if needed)

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Seah Im Bunker
Seah Im Bunker
Calloused feet
Calloused feet
Japanese grave
Japanese grave
Keppel Hill Reservoir
Keppel Hill Reservoir
Historic bricks
Historic bricks
Mount Faber view
Mount Faber view