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Jan Chow

Described as quirky, fun-loving and curious, Jan treads on the offbeat side of life as he navigates between chasing his dream of running a farm home stay and exploring the myriad facets of what it means to be Singaporean.

Jan previously spent time living in Thailand and Japan, and is now back in Singapore with fresh eyes (and ears) for anything pertaining to Singapore's history, culture & arts. As someone who’s traveled extensively, Jan’s cultural sensibilities extend beyond the shores of this little red dot, and he is keenly aware of what visitors to Singapore are looking out for. 

A fervent believer of the need to minimize our footprint during our short stay on this lovely planet, Jan is never found without his reusable bowls, cups and utensils that he faithfully carts around. Join him on a tour and you just might just be inspired to take his lead!

[Jan specializes in walking tours]

Darren Goh

Darren's a young Singaporean who's passionate about all things Singapore. Armed with a degree in Geography from the National University of Singapore, he is now working on making Singapore's urban environment a vibrant and liveable one.

Born and bred in this fascinating city-state, he is particularly interested in its modern development, and enjoys sharing interesting and quirky stories about life here on this sunny island, past and present, particularly on a kayak out in the middle of the sea!

Darren joined SneakPeek Singapore five years ago as a way to showcase the Singapore Story from lesser-known perspectives. He hopes that through thoughtfully-curated tours, participants will be able to get a better understanding of Singapore and the fascinating places that lie within.

[Darren specializes in kayak and hiking tours]

Karen Chen

Karen is one sprightly personality who's full of energy, spark and enthusiasm! She has been guiding for close to 10 years, and is super experienced and knowledgeable about anything and everything Singapore. Oh, and watch out for her humour as well - she'll leave you in stitches!

Karen specializes in the heritage and nature (yes there is, even in this busy city) of Singapore, and especially loves the trees and plants that are part of this verdant tropical paradise. Ask her anything about birds, snakes, bugs or fish, and you'll get more than you bargained for!

On her tours, she offers a keen insight into the diverse rich cultures that make up Singapore, and will share her first-hand experiences growing up in Singapore. And it also sure doesn't hurt that she has won the Best Tourist Guide in Singapore Award twice over!


Natalie tjoa

You have not seen enthusiastic until you meet Natalie! She's an adventurous guide who's passionate about Singapore's history, our ethnic cultures, and foooood! Oh, all the glorious food! As an avid cook and certified baker herself, she's keenly attuned to Singapore's diverse food landscape, and has insider knowledge of the best food to stuff you tummies with!

Natalie spent more than a decade working abroad in the UK and Vietnam, and now enjoys guiding people around Singapore, the place she calls home. Meeting and interacting with different people from all over the world is second nature to her, so do strike her up in a conversation if there's anything you want to know about Singapore!

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